Trailblazing Copywriting and Content Marketing for Your Website

Hi, I’m Ben Holbrook, a freelance copywriter and content marketer with heavyweight experience from one of London’s most prestigious digital agencies.

I’m your new ideas man.¬†

I specialise in provocative copy and web content for travel and food companies who want to blaze new trails in the digital age.

I’ve written blog posts for Expedia and landing pages for HotelClub, sales copy for CouplesResorts and optimised web content for¬†

My words and strategies will help you sell more and rank better than ever before.

I’ll provide you with copy and web content that will:

  • Make your products and services irresistible
  • Make Google fall head over heels in love with your website
  • Get people talking, commenting and sharing on social media
  • Paint pictures and sells dreams

And because I’m freelance, you can get it all at ferociously competitive prices. Seriously, I’m practically giving it away!

Email me at now and tell me what you need, what you want it to do and when you need it by.

I’ll get back to you with a FREE quote that I’m sure you’ll love by the end of play today.

Job done. Zing!

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